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  • Day 20: Favorite Drake tour. Club Paradise. I know most will say WYLAT but CP was truly spectacular to watch because at that point he had come so far as an artist and performer.  

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  • Do you like drake new song. Who is he referring to??

    Haven’t even listened to it lol

    What lyrics of Chris brown did Ri tweet?

    She didn’t

    Noone was silent when you asked why Rih went to Drake concert. You just never posted their answers, because it would have made you looked bad. FAKE CHICK!!!!!

    How would you know I didn’t post the answers? I didn’t see any in this mess of an inbox. You need to stop this blog is not a malicious thing nor am I.

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  • Day 19: Favorite Drake childhood photo. All because Aubrey was like the cutest kid ever! 

    Wow at all these Internet thugs in your in basket. Really people? You are going to argue someone down and call her names because her opinion is different from yours? No one is making you come to her page. Further more, some of y'all act like y'all were there holding a flashlight the way you swear up and down that you KNOW what happened. Get a life.


    How in the hell do you know that Rih and Drake are still friends? Are you assuming this because she went to his concert after she broke up with him?

    Yes. Everyone else is assuming too, though.

    If it just didn't work they wouldv'e figured that out a long time ago Cierra. It was probably something more.

    Well people change over time so maybe that was a factor, they defiantly aren’t the same people they were in 2009…